Trendy laptop accessories you can buy

Trendy laptop accessories you can buy

If you own a laptop, you probably will have all the essential laptop accessories which include an external mouse, laptop bag, a hard drive and a case with it and more. While these laptop accessories are important and something you already have, there are a few others that will provide protection. You can totally get to accessorize your laptop in a way that will not only compliment your laptop but also make things convenient for you. Some of the laptop accessories are also trendy yet useful. Some of the laptop accessories are also unconventional and yet useful.

If you have just bought a MacBook, here are a few laptop accessories you can consider buying:

Covers and cases for MacBook

This might seem like something common, using a cover on your Mac is not something new or different. However, this is not about the normal colorful cases we find everywhere. There are heavy duty protective cases made of thermoplastic polyurethane material that protect your laptop from any external shock. Apart from protecting your MacBook, these types of laptop cases can give your Mac a distinct look. There are many laptop accessories available across online marketplaces at affordable prices. Ensure you do not compromise on the durability of the case for your laptop.

Headphone hook

You can now place a headphone hook on your MacBook and hang your headphone on it. The hook is usually placed on the frame of your laptop’s monitor with the main hook facing the back. This will keep your headphone close to you while you are working on your MacBook. This hook can be used on other laptops as well.

Stash card

Stash card is a card holder that you can stick or place under your laptop. You can keep your memory cards in this stash card holder, so it never gets misplaced and will be with you whenever you need it while you are using your laptop. One can also keep debit or credit cards temporarily.

Washable keyboard protector

While purchasing a laptop make sure you buy a washable keyboard protector as it will provide complete protection and usability of your laptop. Waterproof and spill-proof keyboard protectors are also available to keep your keyboards safe from any damages. Different laptops may feature slightly different key spacing or arrangement, leading to ill-fitting protectors. In this case, make sure you check your laptop’s key spacing and buy one that fits well.

Portable charger

ChargeTech has introduced a new charger for laptops, along with iPads, mobile phone and more. You can charge many gadgets using this all in one portable charger.

Laptop cover
One of the most useful laptop accessories is a laptop cover. It is a great way to protect your laptop from any damage. It takes care of any spillage, scratches, and also dust. Laptop covers are available for all types of laptop. If you own a MacBook, you will find varieties of covers.

USB port hub

This laptop accessory is essential as USB ports can help you multitask. USB port hubs can be useful for MacBook users as the number of USB ports in MacBooks are lesser than Dell, HP, Toshiba, etc..

Screen protectors

You can find laptop screen protectors on various ecommerce websites. They protect your screen from any scratches and fingerprints. It is easier to clean as well. Some screen protectors also provide anti-glare technology which will help reduce mirror reflections in bright lighting.

The above mentioned laptop accessories are some of the off-beat ones that up should consider buying to keep your laptops protected at all times. Make sure you don’t compromise on the quality and price value of the accessories.

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