Trending appliances are changing buyer behavior

People use appliances in every walk of their daily life knowingly or unknowingly. As appliances are getting smarter, their popularity is increasing at the same time. People love to use modern appliances and buy new appliances that they have never used before wherever possible.

Upcoming developments in sophisticated appliances

  • Today, in most appliances, the following trends are noticed. Important and essential appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners and microwave ovens are installed with smart features, whereby people can handle them more efficiently.
  • Mobility is another important trend in modern appliances. As such, the manufacturers are making them lightweight, easy to install, and instantly usable.
  • People in the US prefer appliances that require less maintenance and are less tricky. They also pay attention to multimodal appliances.

Appliance buying trend

  • Appliances of any kind are very popular in the US. In fact, in many instances, it is found that the world follows what the Americans follow here. Manufacturers also keep keen interest on the changing customer demands in this country and do whatever possible to meet such changes. Some really mention-worthy trend in the appliance market are as follows:
  • On an average, over 95% homes in the US possess refrigerators, televisions, washing machines, microwave ovens, HVAC systems, vacuum cleaners, and water purifiers. That means these appliances have become a way of life without which a household can’t run smoothly.
  • The government is providing subsidies in various formats to the manufacturers for the production and marketing of energy-efficient smart products. This has created much public awareness on the importance of these energy efficient appliances. Big business houses, with the help of IT partners, are steadily gaining popularity, as customers are expected to buy only energy-efficient appliances in near future.
  • Smaller and portable items like mixer grinders, toasters, juicers, etc. are found in every house and people prefer to buy trendy products frequently.
  • Demand for smart appliances is on the rise. There is even an increasing demand noticed in integrated home appliances where all these smart products can be controlled through mobile apps.
  • In the entertainment and Internet devices market, demand for all kinds of products like portable media players, gaming devices, portable stereos, smart televisions, digital cameras, projectors, e-book readers, digital picture frames, etc. are on a surge.
  • Demand for safety and security appliances like a security camera, security alarm and personal wearable security devices are increasing and sold abundantly.
  • Consumers are also emphasizing more on the health and wellness aspect of appliances these days. Right from refrigerators to cookware home appliance, this sector is trending with machines that create less pollution, are recyclable, possess no hazardous materials, and are cost-worthy.
  • Keeping a tab on the latest versions of various appliances and buying quality products are directly linked to the social status of a family. Availability of easy payment systems and bank loans for buying devices also help people to buy premium quality appliances without facing any financial crunch.
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