6 reasons why Aruba is the perfect holiday destination

Aruba ranks at the top among the best island getaways in the Caribbean, home to some of the most authentic local vacation and cuisine experiences north of the equator. Perfect year-round sunny weather, white sand beaches, pristine lean waters, and a ton of Aruban culture-inspired activities beckon tourists from all over the globe. Here are some of the best reasons why Aruba travel should be the next destination for a holiday.

Pristine beaches
Aruba is one of the top spots in the Caribbean, home to the cleanest and most beautiful beaches spanning the length of the island. Tourists flock to the Eagle Beach for picturesque backgrounds and stunning views. Eagle beach is also home to hundreds of thousands of sea turtles that hatch on the shore and make their way to the sea. Do not forget Aruba’s infamous Black Stone beach, the only spot on the north side of the island that has black sand dunes and shores. If you are a beach lover, this tropical island offers the perfect mix of sightseeing and excursion activities from shore to deep inside the island archipelago.

Amazing activities around the island
Plan a day at the Arikok National Park to explore a unique set of trails that cover nearly 20% of the island. Or check out the amazing sand dunes at Boca Prins Beach another day. You can even visit Arashi beach for a day of snorkeling in the beautiful shallow waters or go deep sea diving to discover shipwrecks. Alternatively, you can plan a fun day at the Flamingo beach, one of the capital city’s most popular private touristy experiences. The beach is part of the Renaissance Aruba Resort, so it is not open to the public unless you buy the day exclusive day pass costing $125/person. But given the experience, this activity is worth the cost. Other iconic spots around the island include the Bubali Bird Sanctuary, Alto Vista Chapel, and California Lighthouse, all situated around the capital city of Oranjestad.

Unique outdoor adventures
Aruba, unlike any other exotic beach destination, also boasts some exciting outdoor activities apart from spending a day at the beach. Travel to the easternmost shore of the island to spend a day at Aruba’s Natural Bridges, a set of 7 rock formations. If you are exploring the place with your significant other, then definitely take out a couple of hours to detour to the Tunnel of Love, a 300-foot-long tunnel that takes you inside winding caves and rock formations. The entrance of this tunnel is shaped like a heart, so it’s a place for all you romantics to check out, and maybe even plan a dream proposal. Book a guided tour of the Quadirikiri Cave located inside the Arikok National Park for an amazing afternoon of exploration filled with rock drawing, stalactites, and stalagmites. If you prefer ancient sites and places of historical significance, check out the ruins of Bushiribana gold Mill or plan a hike to Ayo Rock formations and the Casibari Boulders.

Visit the capital city of Oranjestad
Oranjestad is one of the main tourist attractions on the island, known for its colorful architecture and vibrant design. It is the main port town where major cruise lines park for a couple of days enroute to other destinations. Here you must make your way to the nearest streetcar depot as part of the first experience in the capital city. The streetcar experience is certainly a must activity as the slow-moving gondola rides across town with multiple photo opportunities featuring some amazing European architecture built along the streets. Oranjestad is where you will find the National Archaeological Museum featuring unique collections dating back from the 19th century to 2500 BCE. You can also check out the unique butterfly farm home to hundreds of species on the outskirts. The capital city also has a vibrant nightlife scene featuring a unique folkloric Aruban dance festival called Bon Bini, celebrated every Tuesday night.

Aruban culture
Aruba is a rich treasure trove of cultural and historical attractions, with most of the major locations on the island famous for significant art and music exhibitions. From museums to galleries, you have every opportunity to explore a completely new aspect of the old and modern cultural impact. The island also plays host to one of the most ethnically diverse population groups that promote a warm and welcoming culture. Tourists will feel right at home here with the locals, who are always happy to help and guide them with friendly referrals and directions. A diverse population group also means you’ll have multiple opportunities to explore and participate in the varied interpretations of local culture and celebrations.

Favorable weather
Another plus point of planning a holiday in the remote island group is the amazing year-round weather. This Caribbean climate featuring perfectly sunny days and clear skies boasts a tolerable 80° temperature that is perfect for lazing on the beach with excursions planned for the evening and nighttime. Experts suggest planning an Aruba travel between April and August to avoid the peak rush and plan a reasonably priced holiday.

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